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Media Tight specialises in 'story driven' interviews and vlog articles which entertain, inform and excite your audience. Whatever the topic, our mission is to connect with them emotionally, subtly call them to action, and remain relevant. Technically, we edit for diction, hesitations (speech patterns all of us fall foul of occasionally), awkward body language... as well as ambient lighting and camera angles. All of this drives the online conversation and thus the online 'reach'.




Media Tight's corporate videos are an opportunity to showcase the best storylines, polished performances and crisp branding. We have developed high-end videos for medical professionals, companies in the design and construction industry, lawyers, accountancy firms and schools.




The success of training videos, tutorials and inductions can be gauged by observing your audience: rapt attention or smiles and nods of recognition at best - or  the dull stare of compliance. If, like us, you want to produce the former - personable screen performers, presentation and tone matter. Why? Because everything you do now reflects your internal culture. It is an opportunity to engage with (and retain) loyal employees. Which is why Media Tight produces stimulating in-house videos for mining companies, the health-care sector, charitable foundations, the legal profession and accountancy firms.




Nothing has more impact on your brand than a sharp, visually attractive, carefully crafted message - reaching potential customers through social media advertising, multi-media presentations and website design. In an increasingly competitive environment, Media Tight works closely with you to differentiate your brand and respond to the emotional triggers your 'audience' connects with. In short, we produce memorable and distinctive videos with an eye to your bottom line.




Time-lapse photography is a great way of capturing a project that extends over a lengthy period of time. Essentially, time-lapse photography depicts 'before and after', stylistic time phases. It's a great visual medium... ideal for the construction and/or commercial sectors to illustrate progressive 'builds' or project and performance outcomes.