Professional Video Production

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Our team are qualified and experienced creatives with a discerning eye. In the pre-production phase, we collaborate with you to build brand awareness, establish communication style, and create the visual feel your business will be proud to showcase. 

As you'd expect, Media Tight organises and coordinates all equipment, cinematography, lighting, sound and overall direction of the video shoot. During filming, we make sure your performance is on point by making you feel at ease and taking the time to get the shot. We can film on location or if unavailable we use a green screen and insert a background later. The end game is to ensure that your message is clear, comes across well on camera, and that your media dollars are well spent.  

Post production encompasses all work performed after filming including editing, timing, music, colour grading, titles and logos - and making sure your video says what you want it to say. Technically, we will edit for diction, hesitations, awkward body language... as well as ambient lighting and camera angles. All of this drives the online conversation and thus the online 'reach'. In the end the team at Media Tight will put together your video seamlessly to create a final project that is captivating to watch.