Professional Video Production

" Video Production isn't just about filming and editing videos. A professional 'shoot' considers every aspect of the project from start to finish; much as a director would approach a film and take personal responsibility for it. It is the same for us. Clients rightly expect us to make their story watchable and compelling. That is exactly what we do."

- luke harmdan, founder & director




Luke Hardman - Founder / Director

Luke founded Media Tight in early 2016. After working for other companies, Luke decided to form his own video production agency that focuses on the client rather than the bottom line. Luke's film making experience is enhanced by his creative vision and passion for making quality videos.

Our focus at Media Tight is getting to know you and your business so that we can convey your story in a way that is engaging and informative. In short, the people behind the camera know you and are experts in creating a well crafted video that is performance driven.