Media Tight specialises in producing professional video content for new start-ups and existing businesses. Whether you are a corporation, a small business, a professional or anything in between, we are able to create videos to suit your needs.

Our experienced team offer all aspects of video production including script writing, creative direction, producing, filming, video editing, and time-lapse photography. From the initial idea to the final edit, Media Tight will work with you to ensure you are happy with the end result. Our video professionals are skilled and experienced to create the video content that’s right for you.


"Luke, fantastic work! I really enjoyed working with you and the short videos you produced for my company were amazing. We had great feedback on them. So thank you again for all the time you put in and the reasonable rates you offered for a start up company like mine" - Kelly Litterick, Kela.

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"The Media Tight team are a pleasure to work with and made filming a breeze and what they created with the material filmed far exceeded my expectations! Thank you and I look forward to working with you again" - Lisa Passmore - Horticulturist and Landscape designer at Inspired By Nature


Director & Founder - Luke Hardman